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Use your mobile phone to access

We have introduced support for mobile phones to provide good service to the golfer that is always on the go.Often it is most convenient to update your GOLFvenner account with the latest round while being at the 19th hole. The only cost to use this service is the cost your mobile operator charges you to use your data connection (either minutes or traffic measured).

How do I get started?

Your GOLFvenner account is already prepared you can use your mobile phone as soon as your mobile phone is also configured for it. So the first step is to get your mobile phones configured for data traffic. You mobile operator can help you with the configuration.

What mobile phones can be used?

All mobile phones that are internet enabled will work. So phones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, HTC and others will work.

How do I get started?

You must connect your mobile phone to the address: "", you will be prompted for your username and password. Once your have entered this you will have access to your personal portal from your mobile phone.

Enter Scorecard

You can enter your scorecard from your mobile phone immediately after playing a game. All your statistics are kept current right away.

Monitor your score improvement

You can see the chart of your score across the latest played rounds.

Monitor your true handicap trend

You can monitor your true handicap trend. This is the handicap that you should have had in order to achieve exactly 36 stableford point on the latest played rounds. Gives you a good picture of where your game is heading.